Maja Roos is a swedish designer. To be a designer has been a dream since childhood. Maja grew up in a small city in west Sweden called Arboga. When she was 18 she left to to study at College Of Fashion and College of Printing in London. In 2009 Maja opened multibrand shop Aubergine in Sickla south of Stockholm.  However, she early learned it was difficult to provide what customers were asking for, flattering styles in high quality for a resonable price. With that in mind she began designing 2011. Right now the brand MAJA ROOS is run by Maja and her nineteen year old daughter Mollie Roos. Mollie works as the photographer, Creative director and Head of social media. Mollie is the creative brain and she has an eye for colors just like her mom. Together they have built this brand and made it their own.

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